Robot Palletizer

The IRB is a compact palletizing robot perfect for end - of - line and bag palletizing application.The 4 - axis robot is the fastest of its kind and its small foot-print makes it deal for fitting into existing packing lines.

Our Product Benefit
1) Shorter cycle times
2£İHigh precision movements
3£İHigher output from a smaller footprint
4£İLow cost of ownership and increased productivity
5£İFaster, easier programming
6£İComplete palletizing solutions

Application with: 
Food Manufacturing, Beverage Manufacturing, Electronic and Electrical Industry, Household items.
Product Packing: Sack Packing, Carton Packing, Pallet, Oil Drum, Barrel.

Handling Capacity 110 kg 180 kg ~ 250 kg 450 kg
Reach 2.40 m 3.15 m 3.18 m
Number of Axes 4 Axes
Protection 1P67
Mounting Floor / Floor Mounting
IRC5 Controller Variants Single Cabinet, Dual Cabinet
Integrated Air Signal Supply Optional
Supply Voltage 200 - 600 v, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption ISO Cube 3.67 KW ISO Cube 2.75KW
Normal Movements 3.2KW
ISO Cube 2.75KW

Single Column Robot (Palletizer Series)

Single Column Robotic Palletizer, widely used in the posterior packaging line of beer, beverage, drugs for whole layer stack, has three freedom degrees, namely, vertical movement, horizontal movement, and vertical rotation.

Models :

Capacity Power Horizontal Angle Noise Pressure / min. Max. Consumption
5 Layer/min 220/380V, 50hz ±1° ≤85 dB 0.6Mpa 100L / min

Technical Features

1. Precise and rapid motion driven by full servo

2. Advanced accessories, safe and reliable

3. High-quality electrostatic spraying processing

4. Reasonable structure, easy to operate and maintain

Application :Single column palletizer has been widely used in the posterior packaging line of beer, beverage, pharmacy and condinent, etc.

3 . Double Column Palletizer (Palletizer Series)

High and Low-Level Double Column Palletizers apply to stack various types of packaging pieces such as cardboard and plastic cartons, membrane bags, barrels, etc. The components mainly being the into-carton conveyor, marshaling station, trolley, and pallet conveyor. It can be customized based on palletizing requirements to adapt to different working forms, with the capacity between 24000-72000bph.

Technical Features
1. Carton grouping structure, arrange cartons in certain rules
2. Carton storage monitoring device, automatically adjust the speed
3. Simple structure, easy maintenance
4. In case of problems, the safety  device stops the machine and alarms

Technical Data : 
1. Capacity (cartons / min) : 60(3*4 type, 16 cartons per layer)
2. Dimension : 5050*2780*3930 mm
3. Pallet Size : 1100mm*1100mm*150mm (Standard)
4. Carton Type : Cardboard and plastic cartons, membrane bag
5. Power : 24 kw
6. Weight : 4600 kg
7. Noise : < 85db

Application :
Mainly used in palletizing dairy, food, drugs and electronic products.

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